Our major objectives include maximizing returns on clients’ real estate investments, ensuring a prolonged life-span for assets whilst we create comfort and satisfaction for end-users.
Our Facility Management services include:
Advisory Services

Our real estate and investment research provides unique/distinctive insights into real estate investment as well as fresh and new perspectives to existing feasibilities and planned investments.

General House Maintenance

Our overall maintenance target is to ensure a prolonged life span of facilities to achieve optimal profitability to owners whilst providing enormous satisfaction to users within time and budget.

Environmental Services

Our gardening service is top-notch. We keep the environment clean and inviting; we fumigate to prevent insects and pests. We work hard to ensure the environment inspires happiness and well-being.


We ensure that well-trained security personnel, hired by certified security firms, are engaged and equipped to provide effective security services to all facilities in our care.
We always insist that thorough background checks are carried out before we engage the personnel.

Energy Services

We advise clients on the best approach to energy supply in relation to their budget and available facilities. We help with procurement of power generating plants and other energy equipment, provide routine repair and maintenance services and ensure effective fuel supply mechanism/process. We also provide back-up mobile power generating plants.

Swimming Pool Management

We build, renovate and maintain swimming pools through our chain of affordable vendors and experts in the construction and management of swimming pools.

Water Treatment Plant

We make clean water available for domestic use at every facility under our management, using laboratories with state of the art equipments.

Our Facility Management Packages

We have three facility management packages, each with different scopes of services – they are Gold, Bronze and Silver.
Pure Luxury


This package offers limitless luxury and comfort. With this package, we are responsible for all forms of services required at the facility, including all necessary maintenance works. This package takes management burden off owners/occupants. All regulatory issues and government-related activities, including land-use charge and tenement rates among others, are handled by us. Depending on the size of the facilities, we also deploy a resident supervisor, a plumber, an electrical engineer, cleaners, and security guards on a permanent basis. Other value-added items attached to this package are First Aid Box, Fire Extinguishers, and Kits to check blood pressure at the Gym.

Comfort and Pleasure


The Silver package makes the Facility Management firm to be responsible for all shared facilities and services such as water treatment, swimming pool, power generating plants, sanitation, gardening, waste management, and sewage evacuation. A one-off payment is made for these services and no recourse is made to owners/occupants for these services within the agreed period.

Under this package, except otherwise stated, the Facility Management Company‘s responsibility is mainly limited to shared facilities.

For Ease of Management


The Management Company provides and maintains manpower and all necessary supervisory and management functions. Under this scheme, the Company is paid for management and for specific services as agreed. All expenditure is deducted directly from Estate Account or re-imbursed upon approval by the Estate Authorities while periodic accounts are rendered.